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Using Pinterest to Promote your Brand

Visual marketing is the current trend, so it’s no wonder brands see huge potential in Pinterest. It’s an ultra-hot social media site where photos are center stage and sharing is second nature to the audience.

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How to Simplify Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day

Article by Greg McKeown posted on LinkedIn.  Below are a few paragraphs that I love and wanted to share.

“The situation for many of us is that life is fast and full of opportunity. The complication is we think we have to do everything. The implication of this is that we make a millimeter progress in a million directions….”

60 Seconds to Clarity

“Pause once every hour for one minute to ask, “Is this the most important or valuable thing I could be doing right now?” If the answer is no, simply stop.”

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How to Find a Successful Work-Life Balance. Ways you can achieve the best of both worlds – By Deborah Sweeney

I love this article on how to find a successful work-life balance and wanted to share it on my blog.  Click this link to go to Advantage Mags full article.

Stay organized with a list

If you leave the house each morning with a bulleted—and realistic—list of what you must accomplish for that day, you are far more likely to get it done than if you just move from thing to thing as you remember it. Even better, prioritize your list so that if you don’t get to the items on the bottom, it’s not a catastrophe. But make sure the items on the bottom aren’t there because you just don’t feel like doing them.

Plan the Night Before

The mornings can be crazy. It’s important to plan the clothes, pack your bags, and have the kids’ stuff ready the night before. There’s too much to think of as you’re rushing out the door.

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In addition to being an attorney, Deborah Sweeney is the CEO of, a company that offers ongoing support services to North American businesses. Her biggest challenge, however, is balancing her professional career with her family life. Here, the working wife, mother of two, and volunteer extraordinaire gives her top tips for balancing the personal and the professional.